Writing the perfect text takes time. Trust a professional and let me take the work off your hands.


I have 10 years’ experience working in companies of all shapes and sizes. I have become a bit of a specialist in the following sectors:


“Aurélie worked as a translator for our team on several projects involving complex technical translations from English to French. Even when these were urgent, she delivered on time (if not early) and did an excellent job: she is thorough, finds the right translation in its professional context and also takes care of respecting the original editing and lay-out. I would gladly work with Aurélie again and highly recommend her services.”
Caroline Devue, Field Sales Engineer at ProQuest
“I couldn’t recommend Aurélie more highly! She is one of the best project managers I’ve ever worked with. She has exceptional skills in her source and target languages and is an excellent translator. She really gives it her all and this effort can be seen in the results she produces. Great colleague! I hope we can work together again in the near future!”
Alexandra Maldwyn-Davies, Freelance translator at AMD Expression
“Aurélie always maintains excellent communication, delivers on time and the quality of her work is consistently excellent. Working with Aurélie has been a pleasure and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for high quality translation services.”
Thomas Verney, French Language Specialist at Airbnb
“Aurélie’s translation for me was excellent. The turnaround needed to be speedy but Aurélie took care to ensure that the technical details of the original English text were well understood in order to translate the true meaning. I would highly recommend Aurélie’s services.”
Becky Chilton, General Manager at the Menuhin Competition
“Aurelie did a great job on a translation I needed at short notice. She delivered a flawless, well-researched translation on time and adapted to changing circumstances, communicating well throughout the whole process. It’s great to find a professional who can be relied upon and I would recommend her without hesitation.”
Ruth Bartlett, Managing director and translator at Wordsted


Degrees and certifications

Want to read all there is to know about my professional life? Check out my online CV.

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Are you interested but not sure where to start? You might find the answer to your question below.

It’s a bit like buying a car: it depends! The price is determined by how much time is needed, and thus varies greatly from one project to another according to various criteria.

For translation, it primarily depends on the number of words to translate, the deadline, the difficulty of the text (technical jargon, puns, formal language, etc.) and the document format (complicated source code, non-editable image, etc.).

Remember, a quote is completely free and comes with no obligation. So send me a little message using the form and let’s take it from there.

If you would like a quote for a translation, the easiest method is if you send me the document(s) that you need translating. My analysis tools can handle any file format and quickly count the number of words and repetitions. I can then check the content of the document, and consequently calculate the time and expertise needed.

On top of that, anything that will help me understand your needs is a plus. What will you use the document for? Who will read it? Do you already have documents in the target language? Is there a style guide or editorial guidelines? What about a bilingual or monolingual glossary? There are a thousand and one ways to translate a text, the more detailed the information from the start, the more the result will meet your needs and expectations.

I work in several steps:

  1. I undertake research to better understand the context (e.g. client website, press articles, forums and competitors’ websites).
  2. With this information in mind, I produce a first draft.
  3. I then revise my work after a few hours’ break (or get another professional to do so, if you prefer).

This final step allows me to improve my style and spot any small mistakes, thus ensuring the highest quality possible.

I also do not work alone, and over time have built up a solid network of professional colleagues with whom I speak regularly about our profession. Furthermore, I work side by side with a native Englishman which comes in handy when I am not sure about a particular word.

As a project manager I’ve met dozens of different situations, clients and issues, and I can safely say that there’s no problem that can’t be solved! :)

Let’s have coffee

I do travel a lot but whenever I’m in Lyon you can come and see me at l’Atelier des Médias, the best coworking space in town.

Envoyez-moi un petit message

Envoyez-moi un petit message


Don’t be afraid to call !

You can call me at 06 88 59 72 79 – if I’m available I’ll answer you straight away, and if not feel free to leave a message (in French or in English).